Fallen from Grace

Character Creation

Hi all,

Your characters will be starting off as Mortals, and we’ll do the first session of your awakening, and a small introduction to ‘the family’, and how your characters know each other.

For those who haven’t played before, I’ll go through your character with you before we begin, so we can put something together you like.

Send me your concepts for your characters background, what they did before they ‘awakened’ and became a mage/mafioso. Your character CAN be part of the mafia as a mortal, but will be quite low in standing with them.

After the first session or so, I will give you some Mafia ‘basic training’, probably 10xp, to spend on areas you’re either lacking in or want to specialize in. Most areas are covered by the NPCs in the mafia, so we should be able to arrange whatever you choose, subject to approval of course.

Drop me a message by any means, and I’ll arrange to either meet up with you, or chat with you over the phone/skype/fb messenger about it. I’m hoping I’ll be able to put a few things together plot wise, etc. and we should be able to get this up and running soon



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